JoBeth Ingham (Hanak) was born in Houston, TX with a passion for art from the very start. She grew up going to art museums, reading art books, and making art out of the typical art kits that "art kids" always got for their birthdays. In high school, she had an amazing art teacher that helped her take her art to the next level. She sold her first painting at age 16 and went on to complete 2 AP art courses, receiving the highest possible score on her last one her senior year. JoBeth took a little break from art when she went to college and started her career. She graduated from UT Austin in 2017 and now works in Tech as a Product Manager. She creates art in her spare time when she feels inspired, as well as working on other creative projects and going on adventures with her pups. She enjoys painting a wide variety of subjects, everything from pop art still lives to classic landscapes.
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